mémoire is an immersive installation concerned with how women navigate the gendered terrain between aurality and visuality as they construct their selfhoods.

In this project I bear witness to the personal narratives of four individuals who have defined themselves with sound and image across multiple contexts of femininity. I ask them to consider a change in their habitat or in how they inhabit their body, and then answer the question:

“How did that migration or transformation change how you felt heard and seen?”

As I listen to them answer my question, I make a binaural audio recording of their voice (captured from my own ears) and a video recording of their eyes (as they make eye contact with me). I edit the content minimally and the respondents sometimes answer in languages other than English or in multiple languages that I do not understand. A collage of these recordings is set with a soundscape response to my listening experience made with SuperCollider.

mémoire is made possible by the Adrian Piper Research Archive Foundation Multi-Disciplinary Fellowship and with the support of MIT's OpenDocLab.

A 2-channel version with Fen Rotstein and nika with spanish-language captions by Daniel Szabo was exhibited at the Havana Biennial and the Studios at MassMoCA in 2019.