alberene (2017), 6 minutes, for two pianos and two vibraphones
revontulet (2017), site-specific sound installation
asylum hill (2016), 9 minutes, for string quartet
overmorrow (2014-5), 12 minutes, for percussion duo and video
whi(t)chwave (2015), 7 minutes, for solo improvising acoustic instrumentalist and electronics
the hopewell (2015), 9 minutes, site-specific monodrama for soprano, baroque violin, and piano
for now (2015), site-specific transdisciplinary performative installation
prime (2015), 12 minutes, for horn and interactive electronics
imparpripyt (2015), 6 minutes, for reed trio
Poem on the Radio (rev. 2015, 2010), 4 minutes, for mezzo-soprano and electronics
{auto}poetics&tune (2015), 9 minutes, for horn and interactive electronics
Pontifex (2015), 3 minutes, for solo baritone and orkest de ereprijs
Radio Dust Monster (2014), 6 minutes, for Mathews Radio Baton and electronics
redrose/greenbriar (2014), 3 minutes, for flute and fixed media
eden (2014), 15 minutes, site-specific improvisation structure for movement and voice
return of the lost lamb (2014), 9 minutes, site-specific improvisation structure for horn and fixed media
Citrina Migration (2014), 6 minutes, for horn, pedal harp, and fixed media
judges sixteen (2014), 7 minutes, for electric razor, piezo, and shaggy skull
Rush (2014), 6 minutes, for baritone, trumpet, bass clarinet, and trombone
Temples (2014), for at least two improvising female vocalists
Chiromantia (2013), 12 minutes, for two sopranos, mezzo-soprano, and double bass
four (2013), site-specific sound installation
Alloy (2013), 6 minutes, for natural horn and electronics
Okay (2013), for four voices and improvising soloist
Absence (2013), site-specific sound installation
estampie (2013), 2 minutes, for viola, bassoon, horn, harp, and percussion
milk (2012), 6 minutes, for string quartet
Unholy (2012), 8 minutes, for SuperCollider/MIDI-controlled pipe organ
Objectify (2012), sound installation
Prayers of the Unconvinced (2012), 15 minutes, for four treble voices
Burning (2012), 9 minutes, for natural horn, Natural Harmonic vibraphone, and electronics
Within Reach (2012), 5 minutes, for solo piano
Willie and Rose (2012), 3 minutes, for mezzo-soprano and piano
“Packing Heat” (2012), 2 minutes, tape collage
Sweet Suite (2011), 3 minutes for pipe organ, double bass, and clarinet
Short Stories (2011), 12 minutes, for two sopranos, two melodic instruments, and percussion
Quilting (2011), for twelve improvisers
Static (2011), for three voices
Bridge (2011), sound installation
Breadline (2011), 9 minutes, for solo horn
Why Are (2010), for at least four active participants
Palate (2010), 7 minutes, for trio (of any instrumentation)
Dandelion Wine (2010), 10 minutes, for solo voice
Moss (2010), 4 minutes, for solo horn and Mechanical Turk
3 songs for 2 players (2009), 6 minutes, for horn and viola