selected works

zatzal (of the golden west) (2020)

Cybird Drone (2018)

three (2018)


saxophone quartet in three movements recorded by: Ryan Muncy, soprano; Erin Rogers, alto and tenor; Zach Herchen, baritone

Palladian (2018)

Objectify (2017)

Historical audio recordings of famous American women giving dieting advice is projected through a kitchen scale. A transducer is placed on the weighing platform, and the sound of the women’s voices is distorted through the machinery of the scale as the needle of the index jumps with amplitude.

asylum hill (2016)


string quartet for Hartford

Pontifex (2015)


Tweets by Pope Francis set for baritone and orkest de ereprijs

Citrina Migration (2014)


performer specific for horn harp duo Apple Orange Pair

Chiromantia (2013)


performer & site specific pocket opera for Rhymes with Opera & the National Opera Center, NYC

Alloy (2013)

Alloy explores the sonic possibilities inherent to the natural horn as a physical object. The piece eschews the hegemony of temperament and cultural expectations that are imposed on the horn and instead imagines a sound space derived from the physical properties of the instrument itself. The horn is treated objectively as a piece of extraordinarily resonant metal, and electronics built with SuperCollider expand the phenomena of the sound space.

Unholy (2012)

нечестивой (“Unholy”) explores the historical and cultural relationship with the organ and Slavic society. The Greeks originally invented the organ, but over several centuries, the Greek organ design faded away only to be revived by engineers in the Byzantine Empire where it was associated with grandeur, opulence, and royalty. In fact the organ was frequently given as a gift from Byzantium to powerful Western rulers including Charlemagne. And yet, ironically, the organ has traditionally been proscribed from the liturgical practices of the Eastern Orthodox Church: the religious tradition of the Byzantine Empire. Much like Coptic and several other conservative Christian sects, instrumental music has been and is still considered to be anathema. In Unholy, the pitch content of the piece is derived from the core tetrachord of the oktōēchos – the system of eight church modes in the medieval Latin, Byzantine, Slavonic, Syrian, Armenian and Georgian repertories of Christian liturgical chant. The tetracord, which constitutes the core of these vocal chant traditions, is transfigured from the human voice into the voice of a MIDI-controlled pipe organ at Wesleyan University with SuperCollider.

Non mi merito questo (2012)

overdub jersey shore operetta
molly shapiro, shanna sordahl, christopher luna-mega, rachel devorah - voices
rae condry - clarinet
mia bella d'augelli - violin
rachel devorah - horn
andrew weathers - guitar
robert lopez - percussion