full descriptions of the works can be found on the sites where they are hosted (vimeo, soundcloud)

Palladian (2018)
site-specific sonic art for Paul Rudolph - Playing the Campus at UMass Dartmouth

Revontulet (2017)
site-specific sonification for Sound, Music, Computing at Aalto University, Finland

Objectify (2017)
context-specific sonic art

asylum hill (2016)
performer-specific for JACK quartet

Belle Isle/Poem on the Radio (2015)
performer-specific for Kayleigh Butcher

Pontifex (2015)
context-specific sonic art celebrating the tweets of Pope Francis

For Now (2014)
site and context-specific collaboration with choreographer Katie Baer Schetlick

Overmorrow (2014)
context-specific sonification of American gun violence data

Citrina Migration (2014)
performer-specific for Apple Orange Pair Duo

Chiromantia (2013)
performer and site-specific for Rhymes with Opera and the National Opera Center

Alloy (2013)
performer-specific for myself as hornist

Absence (2013)
site and context-specific sonic art

Unholy (2012)
"performer"-specific for the MIDI-controlled pipe organ of Wesleyan University's Memorial Chapel

Non mi merito questo (2012)
context-specific overdub operetta