full descriptions of the works can be found on the sites where they are hosted (vimeo, soundcloud)

Cybird Drone (2018)
for myself on ARP 2600 and Cracklebox

three (2018)
for New Thread Quartet

Palladian (2018)
site-specific sonic art for Paul Rudolph - Playing the Campus at UMass Dartmouth

Revontulet (2017)
site-specific sonification of Aurora Borealis data for Sound, Music, Computing at Aalto University, Finland

Objectify (2017)
feminist sonic art

asylum hill (2016)
for JACK quartet

Belle Isle/Poem on the Radio (2015)
for Kayleigh Butcher

the hopewell (2015)
site-specific for Halifax, Nova Scotia and performer-specific for Malina Rauschenfels

Pontifex (2015)
for orkest de ereprijs celebrating the tweets of Pope Francis

For Now (2015)
site and context-specific collaboration with choreographer Kathryn Baer Schetlick

Overmorrow (2014)
context-specific sonification of American gun violence data

Citrina Migration (2014)
for Apple Orange Pair Duo

Chiromantia (2013)
performer and site-specific for Rhymes with Opera and the National Opera Center

Alloy (2013)
for myself as hornist

Absence (2013)
site and context-specific sonic art

Unholy (2012)
"performer"-specific for the MIDI-controlled pipe organ of Wesleyan University's Memorial Chapel

Non mi merito questo (2012)
context-specific overdub operetta