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June 21: mehetabel at Faneuil Hall as part of Fête de la Musique/Make Music Boston
June 23: livecoding workshop with a.campbell payne at Firehouse Worchester
July 25: rilf live on Holyoke Public Media
August 17: mehetabel at x-fest, Brattleboro

selected past

rilf live at LiveCode.NYCxTOPLAP, Brooklyn, February 17
hardware duo with Kayla Cashetta at the Red Room, Boston, April 17
hardware/livecoding duo with Isabella Koen at the Waterworks Festival, Boston, April 26
'glacial till|green hill' tape release with ilssa at Printed Matter, NYC, April 25-28
mehetabel at interwoven, New Bedford, May 12
rilf live at AES International Symposium on AI and the Musician, Boston, June 7
duo with Isabella Koen with sysex club, Providence, June 8

believe in Post-Score at co-opt research & projects, Lubbock, TX, January 13-February 19
bonvenon by Emily Boyer at the International Horn Symposium, Montréal, July 28
rilf live at Fridman Gallery, NYC & live broadcast on WaveFarm, August 2
asylum hill by Arneis Quartet at Laconia Gallery, Boston, October 6
rilf live at Olin College, Needham, October 24

psalter ex machina at Orgelpark, Amsterdam [Netherlands], February 12
mehetabel at the Goethe-Institut, Boston, February 16
bonvenon with Emily Boyer at the Museum of Science, Boston, July 14

offal at Network Music Festival, London, June 9
radiant drift in A Language for Intimacy at Abrons Art Center, New York, June 29-August 30
zatzal on Brown University Arts Initiative stream, Providence, October 23

mémoire in Enredos Sónicos at the Havana Biennial [Cuba], April 12-May 12

three by New Thread Quartet at Spectrum, New York, February 18
horn improvisation with Theresa Wong at The Stone, New York, March 30
Palladian at UMass-Dartmouth, April 27
cybird drone at Dice Festival, Berlin [Germany], November 1-3

objectify at the Computer Music Center of Columbia University, April 7-8
offal at Sonic Cyberfeminisms, Lincoln [England], May 5
revontulet at Sound and Music Computing, Espoo [Finland], July 5-8
overmorrow by Noise Bias at Slate Arts and Performance, Chicago, August 12
Aorist at infuse, Paris [France], October 16

overmorrow by the William Winant Percussion Group at Mills College, February 6
blood moon at the University of California, Irvine, February 9
offal at the International Conference on Live Interfaces at the University of Sussex [England], July 2
Poem on the Radio at Boxue Concert Hall, University of International Business and Economics, Beijing [China], July 13
mehetabel at Electropixel Festival, Nantes [France], August 21
offal at the International Conference on Live Coding at McMaster University [Canada], October 15

horn improvisation with Brad Henkel and Alex Nathanson at Outpost, New York, February 21
Pontifex by orkest de ereprijs at Podium Gigant [Netherlands], February 28
radiofarmdust at Pioneer Works, Brooklyn, April 30
Poem on the Radio by Kayleigh Butcher at the Omaha Under the Radar festival, July 10
Aorist at Mardi Spaghetti, Montréal [Canada], August 11
Aorist at Array Space, Toronto [Canada], August 9
Aorist at Detroit Contemporary, Detroit, August 8

mehetabel at ABC No Rio, New York, July 13
Moss by Joshua Marshall at the Temescal Arts Center, Oakland, September 12

Okay with Joshua Marshall, Tim Kim, Forest Kamerin, and Mateo Lugo at Mills College as part of the Signal Flow Festival, March 8
Alloy at the California Electronic Music Exchange Concert, May 12
Alloy at the International SuperCollider Symposium, Boulder, May 22
Poem on the Radio by Kayleigh Butcher at Barbés, Brooklyn, October 4
Chiromantia by the Rhymes with Opera Pocket Company at the National Opera Center, New York, August 10
Dilek Acay's Amnesia at the Watermill Center, New York, August 11

Roscoe Mitchell's Cards: In the Faces of Roses at Yoshi's, Oakland, April 16