rachel devorah wood rome

believe(2023) score

psalter ex machina (2023) album

digital release on cele sound, listen here

art makes us human. when a machine makes art, it challenges that axiom.
these works for midi-controlled acoustic organs, acoustic instruments, and electronics explore the spaces between human and machine art-making practices.

glacial till|green hill (2023) album

tape release by impractical labor in service of the speculative arts/cele sound, listen to an excerpt here

traces cycles of fallowness and fertility, peaks and plateaus, in the Massachusetts spaces that the artist attempts to grow with/in

bonvenon (2022)

zatzal (of the golden west) (2021)

radiant drift (2020) album

digital release pan y rosas discos, listen here

Pregnant in the winter of 2019 with the fetus who would become my daughter, I made hydrophone recordings from my cervix periodically between viability and birth.
radiant drift accounts for the relative motion of my daughter and me in spacialized audio as we individuated in gestation. The literal hydrophone recordings are set in counterpoint against a poetic rendering in analog electronics.

cybird drone (2018)

palladian (2018)

objectify (2017)

other/older works on archive.org